Thursday, 14 November 2013

First Raspberry Jam a huge success

The College’s first Raspberry Jam was a big success with over 50 people attending, networking, discussing and demoing their ideas for use of the Raspberry Pi mini-computer. 

The evening started with a talk from Carl Plant from BitJam all about the 'Internet of Things' including some uses of Raspberry Pi in in-house health care. Jonathan Westlake from Staffordshire University followed this up with a useful talk on his progress in running outreach sessions in schools introducing Raspberry Pi and also discussed some of the resources he has used such as the Raspberry Pi Emulator. James Wade wrapped up the talks by discussing the Potteries Hackspace including some of the cool projects being done there such as Raspberry Pi powered arcade machines.

Two introductory sessions ran this evening, which gave attendees the opportunity to set up a Raspberry Pi and learn some basic programming.

Paul Simmons, Curriculum Leader for Level 1 and 2 Vocational Computing at NULC organised the event.  He said: "I got the impression that everyone learned some good programming skills and had fun taking their first steps into Raspberry Pi."

He added: "The event was such a success, we're now in the process of planning another event in 2014."
There was a lot of interest in the demos especially the Quake 3 demo and the arcade machine but there was also a large crowd round Jonathan Westlake’s demo all evening as he answered questions and showed off some physical computing.

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